Campus Life

Alex Trabek and William Scott on the Jeopardy! set
April 9, 2018 Large Image
For freshman William Scott, debuting on the show this week, “know your trivia” is the answer

How do you prepare to be on Jeopardy!, the classic game show? William Scott’s strategy was watching as many episodes as he could,...

Conor Colemand and Nathalie Andrade running by the Mystic Lakes at  dusk
April 9, 2018 Large Image
An opera singer and a soccer star are just two of the Tufts Marathon Team members gearing up for the big race

Nathalie Andrade, A18, knew taking singing lessons would open up a new world of musical theater and opera for her—that’s one reason she chose to...

Stephen Breyer at Tufts
April 6, 2018 Large Image
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer talks at Tufts about the philosophical differences on the court

While the U.S. Supreme Court is the most powerful court in the land, its purview as a federal court limits its impact on most Americans’ daily...

Andrew MacMillen and other rowers in a boat
April 5, 2018 Large Image
Senior Andrew MacMillen is the only Division III athlete on the U.S. roster for the World University Rowing Championships

Tufts senior Andrew MacMillen has been named by USRowing to the initial roster of U.S. athletes who will...

Samuel Walter Askinas
April 4, 2018
A renaissance man, Askinas brought energy and enthusiasm to Tufts after a military career

By the time S. Walter Askinas arrived at Tufts School of Dental Medicine in 1983, he had already had a long and successful career as a...