Campus Life

graphic with binary digits and chart lines
July 25, 2018 Large Image
The degree offered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is designed for both full-time students and working professionals

A new master’s degree program coming next fall reflects the university’s increasing focus on preparing students for rapidly growing career...

Muhammad Faizan and computer scientist Jivko Sinapov looking at a square robot
July 24, 2018 Large Image
From robots to bee pollen, Summer Scholars are learning the value of research firsthand with Tufts faculty

The robot’s name is R2-D2, and while it doesn’t look like the famous Star Wars droid, it may someday be just as resourceful and...

Tisch College
June 28, 2018 Large Image
$100K grant from Cummings Foundation promotes dialogue across differences, encourages civic engagement at Tufts University and beyond

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. (June 28, 2018)—At a time of debate about free speech and expression on college campuses, the Institute for Democracy...

Zella Luria at Tufts in 1979
June 21, 2018 Large Image
A noted researcher and activist, Luria taught psychology at Tufts for forty years

Zella Hurwitz Luria, a popular professor of psychology known for her pioneering work on social constructs of gender roles and for her impassioned...

Adrienne Pruitt at Tufts Digital Collections and Archives with protest posters
June 20, 2018 Large Image
Students discover a treasure trove of Vietnam War-era protest posters that lay undisturbed in a residence hall closet for a half century

Adrienne Pruitt, Rose Koven, and Pamela Hopkins weren’t sure what they’d find when they left their offices in Tufts Digital Collections and...