Campus Life

blackberry jelly donut
January 17, 2012 Large Image
From the glazed cinnamon raisin cruller to the jelly donuts, there’s a lot to like at these two shops

This is one in an occasional series about eating establishments in...

Grant Garven with students on campus
January 12, 2012 Large Image
The first geothermal heating and cooling unit on campus is slated to begin operating soon

Four years ago, Grant Garven started building an outdoor laboratory so his geology students could directly learn about groundwater and the...

sailing boats
January 10, 2012
The Tufts Photo staff showcases their favorite images of 2011

Each year, the staff of Tufts Photo takes thousands of photographs on all three campuses—and sometimes very far off campus as well—for a variety...

Gevvie Stone rows on the Charles
December 21, 2011 Large Image
Medical student Gevvie Stone pulls for a shot at the 2012 Summer Olympics

It is still dark when Genevra Stone, M14, arrives at Harvard’s Weld Boathouse for a Saturday morning row. Just two weeks after winning the women’s...

Viewing secrets at Tisch
December 16, 2011 Slideshow
Posting secrets for all to see is part of a student-led effort to talk about mental health issues on campus

A poor grade, a breakup or a snub from a friend can be more upsetting than college students want to admit to themselves—or to others.