Campus Life

Johann Schmidt diving earlier this year
March 29, 2012 Large Image
Sophomore Johann Schmidt is the first men’s national diving champ since 1982

The pressure that Tufts sophomore Johann Schmidt faced on his final dive in the one-meter competition at the NCAA Championships on March 23 can’t...

David R. Harris
March 28, 2012 Large Image
Cornell sociologist David R. Harris brings wide-ranging administrative and research expertise to university’s chief academic post

David R. Harris, a former deputy provost at Cornell University and currently senior associate dean of its College of Arts and Sciences, will join...

David Harris
March 28, 2012 Large Image

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass.—Tufts University today announced that David R. Harris, senior associate dean at Cornell University's College of...

spicy beef noodle soup at Pho Pasteur
March 27, 2012 Large Image
Our resident foodie takes on the Vietnamese restaurant that’s a Boston institution, and likes what he eats

This is one in an occasional series about eating establishments in neighborhoods near Tufts’ three campuses. Have a suggestion for a place for...

March 22, 2012
Proceeds of the sale will fund planned capital and infrastructure work

Taking advantage of historically low interest rates, Tufts University completed a 100-year bond offering for $250 million on March 22. The so-...