Campus Life

Patricia Campbell
November 14, 2012
Project will position university to address financial challenges of higher education

Tufts University is launching a new project aimed at improving administrative effectiveness and efficiency, largely in response to the financial...

Anthony Romero talking at Tufts
November 14, 2012 Large Image
ACLU executive director says limiting the right of people to say vile things is a bad idea, especially on college campuses

Universities should allow free speech—even when it’s hateful—and encourage students to confront and engage those who use bigoted language, because...

a falafel sandwich with all the fixings
November 13, 2012 Large Image
Falafel gets a makeover with all the fixings at the Amsterdam Falafelshop

This is one in an occasional series about eating establishments in neighborhoods near...

students examining small bridge they built
November 8, 2012 Video
By building and testing bridges to the point of collapse, engineering students get a real-world lesson in the art and science of structures

They’ve got limited resources: a fixed amount of basswood, Elmer’s glue and an X-Acto knife. The goal: span an 18-inch gap with a bridge that...

Curtis Yancy on the football field against Colby
November 6, 2012 Large Image
Jumbo senior Curtis Yancy figured out how to balance academics and sports—and thrived

Curtis Yancy didn’t have much when he arrived at Tufts in the fall of 2009. While other classmates unloaded U-Hauls and decorated their dorm rooms...