Campus Life

Tufts business plan winners
May 12, 2011 Large Image
The undergraduates who won the Tufts $100,000 Business Plan Competition are targeting an unusual market: monsoon-drenched motorcyclists in India

Karan Randhawa was home in Delhi last summer, out for a drive with his parents during a torrential rainstorm. Watching from the comfort of the...

Tufts biker in Davis Square
May 10, 2011 Video
A new bicycle sharing program gives students an easy way to get around

It’s just the kind of spring day you want to spend reading a book on the academic quad—or maybe taking a bike ride. Now you can do both. Check out...

May 9, 2011 Large Image
Jumbos win second straight NESCAC men’s lacrosse title in overtime and head to NCAAs

In a heart-stopping finish, the Tufts University men’s lacrosse team won its second straight New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC...

Tufts lacrosse in action
May 5, 2011 Large Image
The defending national champions host the NESCAC finals this weekend

Times have certainly changed for the Tufts men’s lacrosse program. A year ago, the Jumbos were just beginning their magical post-season run. It...

Marcell Babai performs magic
April 26, 2011 Video
Magician Marcell Babai, A11, has immersed himself in the art of manipulating perceptions

A flaming candle morphs into a dove. One red ball becomes three, and then they disappear. The severed rope is whole again. This is the stuff of...