Campus Life

Tufts lacrosse in action
May 5, 2011 Large Image
The defending national champions host the NESCAC finals this weekend

Times have certainly changed for the Tufts men’s lacrosse program. A year ago, the Jumbos were just beginning their magical post-season run. It...

Marcell Babai performs magic
April 26, 2011 Video
Magician Marcell Babai, A11, has immersed himself in the art of manipulating perceptions

A flaming candle morphs into a dove. One red ball becomes three, and then they disappear. The severed rope is whole again. This is the stuff of...

Bob Woodward at Tufts
April 26, 2011 Large Image
Bob Woodward decries the ever-burgeoning concentration of authority in Washington

The expanding power of the Executive Branch, along with that of the military and the intelligence community, has become a serious threat to our...

April 22, 2011 Large Image
Sustainability is on the docket every day at Tufts, from building maintenance to teaching and research

On April 22, Tufts celebrates the 41st annual Earth Day, but in this university community, it’s not a one-off event.

From the student-...

Huw Thomas
April 21, 2011 Large Image
Huw F. Thomas, dean at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, to join Tufts in August

Huw F. Thomas, the next dean of Tufts School of Dental Medicine, offered words of praise for the institution he will inherit this summer and...