Campus Life

August 29, 2011
The newest Jumbos join the Tufts community, sharing their beginning with President Anthony P. Monaco

Auspicious Beginnings

Tufts welcomes the Class of 2015, both first-year undergrads and new students at the professional schools

August 29, 2011
The Tufts community shares its wisdom and recommendations with the class of 2015

When new students arrive on the Hill each year, their questions typically outnumber their suitcases. Where should I eat? How do I get to Davis...

August 29, 2011
Fred Rothbaum, who taught at Eliot-Pearson since 1979, is remembered by colleagues and students for his insights and his compassion

Fred Rothbaum, a longtime professor of child development in the School of Arts and Sciences, died Aug. 24 of a heart attack while on vacation in...

Chantal Hardy
July 19, 2011 Slideshow
Chantal Hardy—English department staff assistant by day, artist by night—doesn’t need to know where she’s going to find her way

When Chantal Hardy applies paint to canvas, she may have an image in mind, yet she never quite knows where it will take her as she experiments...

David Guss and his office lamp
July 7, 2011 Large Image
Their CVs tell one story, but the things professors surround themselves with tell another

In the fifth of a series, we visit the office of David Guss, professor and chair of the Department of Anthropology in the School of Arts...