Campus Life

The campus of Tufts University's Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Grafton
March 24, 2021 Large Image
Tufts University’s veterinary school aims to increase diversity among students, staff, and faculty, and by extension, the veterinary profession at large

Damian Clarke, V24, is a Black veterinary student who does not often see himself represented in veterinary medicine — a field which is about 89...

Kate Fuller sits in the driver’s seat of a Tufts facilities truck. She is the university’s first-ever female groundskeeper.
March 23, 2021 Large Image
Whether the job calls for power tools or perennials, Tufts’ first-ever female groundskeeper gets it done

Kate Fuller can operate a forklift, drive a dump truck, wrangle a chainsaw into submission, and install a fence. She can design a garden, install...

Stacey Abrams on Zoom with a Tufts University audience as part of the Tisch College Distinguished Speaker Series.
March 23, 2021 Large Image
Stacey Abrams shares strategies for organizing, increasing voter engagement, and “getting good done”

If Stacey Abrams has one piece of advice for those looking to enter politics, it’s this: “Politics should be a tool for your policy. Policy should...

Elizabeth Moss, M21, GBS21, plans to split her time between research and clinical practice.
March 19, 2021 Large Image
As they learn where they will spend their first years as physicians, graduating MD students look back on their Tufts journeys

While Match Day this year meant balloons and champagne at home and friends and family joining the celebration via Zoom rather than an on-campus...

Mary Goode listens to a lecture at Tufts in 1974. From being a student at Tufts in the 1970s, she rose to become one of Massachusetts’ first female Black legislators
March 18, 2021 Large Image
From being a student at Tufts in the early 1970s, Mary Goode rose to become one of Massachusetts’ first female Black legislators

Even after three years as a Tufts student, Mary Goode regularly questioned her decision as she crossed the Academic Quad. “Every semester—no,...