Health & Science

Michael Romero
August 13, 2018 Large Image
Biology professor Michael Romero wins a presidential award for mentoring students underrepresented in science

When Michael Romero started as an undergraduate at Swarthmore in 1984, one of only a handful of Hispanic Americans there, he was majoring in...

a person suturing a banana peel
August 9, 2018 Large Image
Kids get a taste of dental and medical school with hands-on exercises meant to mimic the real thing

The patient was bruised, and looked a little green. A long incision needed to be closed, stat.

And here I was, in my gown, mask, eye...

Wei-ren Murray watches as her classmate adds sand to the top of the tower as they build a sand castle.
August 8, 2018 Video
Students learn about the process of engineering the fun way—by heading to Revere Beach

On a recent Monday afternoon, four Tufts students were kneeling in the hot sand on Revere Beach, mixing sand and water in a bucket, then packing...

Mohan Thanikachalam at Tufts
August 7, 2018 Large Image
An innovative wearable device puts Tufts on the front lines in fighting high blood pressure

During his cardiovascular surgery training at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami in 2004, Mohan Thanikachalam recalls that at least once a week in...

a man holding a book looking at an image of a cloud in the form of a brain
August 6, 2018 Large Image
In a new book, Maryanne Wolf argues that our brains are changing with all this screen reading, but that it’s not too late to fix the damage

Maryanne Wolf needed to test a hypothesis. A longtime researcher on how reading on screens changes the brain—and not for the better—she was coming...