Health & Science

January 10, 2022 Large Image
Misinformation may spread like a disease, while previously held beliefs limit influence of new information

It starts with a superspreader, and winds its way through a network of interactions, eventually leaving no one untouched. Those who have been...

Breast tumor cell bioelectricity
January 10, 2022 Large Image
Amiodarone, an ion channel blocker approved for other diseases, significantly inhibits tumor cell invasion

In normal cells, electrical voltage patterns provide a blueprint for orderly growth. But with cancer, the opposite happens. Marked by a breakdown...

Neuroscientist Jamie Maguire is shown in her lab at Tufts University School of Medicine.
January 10, 2022 Large Image
The award will support studies on sex differences in depression

Furthering research into depression in women and the drugs used to treat it, the Women’s Health Program of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center...

Three women stand in a group chatting at an event in this photo taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.
January 7, 2022 Large Image
The Barr Foundation grant will provide stipends to five REPP Fellows studying urban planning and policy at Tufts

The Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning (UEP) in the School of Arts and Sciences has...

Students in and projects from the Fall 2021 section of Introduction to Engineering, held in coordination with co-creators from the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
January 4, 2022 Large Image
In collaboration with deaf and hard-of-hearing high schoolers, aspiring engineers design for both accessibility and fun

As part of a final project this fall, several first-year School of Engineering students were tasked with designing robotic games for high...