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a hen and a pair of hands holding three eggs
May 29, 2019 Large Image
Cummings School’s Marieke Rosenbaum, V14, MG14, VG14, explains how to prevent exposure

Test the soil on your property for lead in all areas the chickens can access, including their coop and any places they may range free. UMass...

a husky dog being examined by a veterinarian, while its owner looks on
May 23, 2019 Large Image
Clinical studies will evaluate whether a weekly insulin injection controls glucose levels in sick dogs—and soon in cats

When Olaf, a four-year-old Siberian husky, was diagnosed with diabetes in February, there wasn’t anything his owners, Gina and Brian Dacey, wouldn...

An image showing a healthy bowl of grains and vegetables on a white background with other similar foods.
May 22, 2019 Large Image

BOSTON (May 22, 2019, noon EDT)—A new modeling study estimates the number, proportion, and type of specific cancers associated with the under or...

an orangutan with arms crossed, staring ahead
May 21, 2019 Large Image
With up to one million species on the brink of disappearing in the coming decades, what can we do?

A recent landmark United Nations report delivered an alarming assessment of the fate of animal life and biodiversity on Earth. According to the...

Nadeem Karimbux
May 16, 2019 Video
A distinguished leader in dental education, he focuses on integration, collaboration, and interprofessional education

Nadeem Karimbux, an accomplished dental educator, researcher, clinician, and leader, has been named the seventeenth dean of...