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A dentist wearing a face shield prepares to work on a patient.
September 23, 2021 Large Image
Years of research and advocacy pay off with approval of new safety standards

A new national safety standard intended to prevent eye injuries to dentists and other health care workers stems directly from the research and...

illustration collage of Alok Kanojia
September 22, 2021 Large Image
Psychiatrist Alok Kanojia is building an innovative approach to combatting mental health crises among gamers

Most of the 26 million or so people who tune into Twitch on any given day are there for the video games. But amid the livestreaming platform’s...

An open bottle spills white pills on a table. A Tufts assessment of 10 states identifies the communities most at risk for overdose deaths and most in needs of services.
September 21, 2021 Large Image
Tufts research highlights communities most at risk for overdose deaths and most in need of services

Few if any communities in the United States have escaped the opioid crisis, and in 2020, opioid overdose deaths rose sharply across the entire...

An illustration that depicts the joining of people’s brains focused on reason, and those focused on emotion.
September 17, 2021 Large Image
Negotiating the balance between ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ can make for more inclusive experiences

Part of an occasional Tufts Now series on how faculty are integrating issues of racial and social justice into the curricula...

Watch a video of Edwin Ortega, N20, discussing his family’s experiences as an inspiration for his career as a nutrition researcher
September 16, 2021 Video
For Edwin Ortega, N20, family struggle and sacrifice inspire his research into chronic disease and vaccine efficacy

When Edwin Ortega, N20, started as an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley, he wanted to study medicine. Two diagnoses in his...