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Farm laborer wearing hat to protect him from the sun bends down to harvest carrots in a large field
August 23, 2021 Large Image
Findings and limited data serve as “red flag” to increase transparency of food systems

A new study in Nature Food calls attention to the need for better systems to track forced labor in food supply chains. The study —...

Male and female zebra finches
August 23, 2021 Large Image
Recognition of rhythmic patterns by zebra finches and other species may be linked to ability to learn and repeat vocalizations

If you have ever been moved by the beat of a drum or enchanted by a song, or if you have meandered through YouTube to watch animals from elephants...

Stalks of rye wheat on a sunny day. Experts from Tufts’ Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy offer ways that individuals can shrink their carbon footprints
August 18, 2021 Large Image
Experts at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy tell us what we as individuals can do to shrink our carbon footprint

Rising temperatures, fires raging out of control in the American West and Europe, increasingly fierce storms: they are all consequences of climate...

Mother with her baby daughter by the window
August 18, 2021 Large Image
The ongoing antidepressant and anti-anxiety benefits of brexanolone, a drug approved for the treatment of postpartum depression, for weeks after treatment may lie in how it alters oscillations in regions of the brain associated with mood
  • Researchers find a mechanism that may explain the long-lasting effects of allopregnanolone, a neuroactive steroid used therapeutically to...
A multi-colored large lollipop on top of many brightly colored smaller candies.
August 10, 2021 Large Image
New study in JAMA also found kids and teens eat less unprocessed and minimally processed foods

The calories that children and adolescents consumed from ultraprocessed foods jumped from 61% to 67% of total caloric intake from 1999 to 2018,...