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the Academic Quad at Tufts in winter
January 18, 2019 Large Image
New funding from the JED Foundation will help the university in its efforts to enhance well-being on campus

Tufts is getting a boost in its efforts to advance the well-being of students thanks to its selection as the first recipient of a new scholarship...

Carol Kumamoto at Tufts
January 10, 2019 Large Image
Study shows effectiveness of dietary fat in preterm infants in reducing fungus that can lead to infections

The more we learn about our microbiota—the teeming community of bacteria and fungi that inhabit us—the more complex it seems. Take one of the...

January 10, 2019 Large Image
Fewer rooftop solar photovoltaics installations exist in African-American and Hispanic-dominant neighborhoods than in white-dominant neighborhoods, even when controlling for household income and home ownership

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. and BERKELEY, Ca. (Jan. 10, 2019)—Although the popularity of rooftop solar panels has skyrocketed because of their...

a barred owl in recovery at the Tufts Wildlife Clinic
January 10, 2019 Large Image
Tufts Wildlife Clinic reports another record year for number of cases, seeing more than 4,000 patients in 2018

Given that a group of owls is called a parliament, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine should have passed all sorts of legislation in 2018. Its...

Temple Grandin speaking at Tufts
January 9, 2019 Large Image
The importance of first impressions, why “draconian leash laws” are hurting dogs, and more insights from the renowned animal behaviorist

How do animals perceive the world? Differently than us, animal behaviorist Temple Grandin told a Tufts audience on January 8. But it’s important...