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Christopher Wiley on the Tufts campus. A Tufts scientist is testing senolytics to counter senescent cells that promote age-related afflictions
June 22, 2021 Large Image
A Tufts scientist is testing senolytics to counter senescent cells that promote afflictions like arthritis and Parkinson's disease

It’s not the fountain of youth, but a fast-emerging class of drugs could bring us closer to achieving the age-old quest for longer life, better...

Microwave metamaterial
June 22, 2021 Large Image
Engineers make metamaterials that manipulate microwave energy in ways conventional materials cannot

Engineers at Tufts University have developed new methods to more efficiently fabricate materials that behave in unusual ways when interacting with...

A woman, Lise Deguire, whose face shows some scars from surviving a fire. In her award-winning memoir, clinical psychologist and Tufts graduate Deguire shares lessons learned from a painful childhood.
June 21, 2021 Large Image
In her award-winning memoir, Tufts graduate Lise Deguire shares lessons learned from a painful childhood

When Lise Deguire, J85, was 4 years old, she almost died in a fire that left her with third-degree burns over most of her body. She required...

A portrait of Helen Boucher, the new interim dean of Tufts University School of Medicine.
June 16, 2021 Large Image
The infectious disease expert will hold a dual appointment as chief academic officer of the Wellforce health system

Physician Helen Boucher, chief of the Division of Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases at ...

A bobcat is pictured in this photo taken by a wildlife camera on the campus of Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.
June 11, 2021 Video
Cummings School wildlife veterinarian Chris Whittier, V97, took part in the first national mammal survey using wildlife cameras. Here’s what he found.

Wildlife cameras have soared in popularity in recent years, offering the hunters, homeowners, scientists, and wildlife watchers who invest in them...