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The cheese microbiome
October 16, 2020 Large Image
Researchers discover that bacteria that ripen cheese respond to the volatile gases produced by cheese fungi


October 15, 2020 Large Image
Lisa Shin, who studies PTSD, talks about the difference between trauma and stress and what to do about it

For many people in these increasingly polarized political times, the impending elections this year are a source of stress and anxiety. It’s not...

A pediatrician examines a young boy. Both are wearing face masks. Physicians and dentists say children should still go for checkups, vaccines and teeth cleanings during the pandemic.
October 15, 2020 Large Image
Even during a pandemic, checkups, vaccines, and cleanings are as important as ever

With two masks, a face shield, and other layers of personal protective equipment, pediatric dentist Hubert Park says he looks like Buzz Lightyear...

"I want to make sure beginning farmers in marginalized communities don’t get left behind,” said Jacob Weiss, N20, of the Sacramento Valley Food Hub, a food distribution platform connecting farmers with institutional customers.
October 13, 2020 Large Image
A food distribution platform managed by Jacob Weiss, N20, was awarded $25,000 in Friedman School’s annual Entrepreneurship Competition

A team of alumni from Friedman School who are supporting small farmers in Sacramento Valley, California, took home the top prize last week in...

Illustration of nanoparticles with an animal cell. In a first, Tufts engineers create nanoparticles that can take gene-editing tools to brains in mouse models
October 7, 2020 Large Image
In a first, Tufts engineers create nanoparticles that deliver gene-editing tools to specific tissues and organs in mouse models

One of the most remarkable recent advances in biomedical research has been the development of highly targeted gene-editing methods such as CRISPR...