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A dentist uses a mirror in a patient’s mouth. News that the COVID virus can infect the mouth and travel in saliva should not keep you away from the dentist.
April 9, 2021 Large Image
Findings that COVID can infect the mouth shouldn’t disrupt your dental care

Scientists recently discovered that the SARS-CoV-2 virus—the culprit behind COVID—can specifically infect cells in the mouth and may travel in...

April 8, 2021 Large Image
Behind countless medical and public health breakthroughs are the translators, problem-solvers, and artists of the biological sciences—also known as biostatisticians

For many people, the word “biostatistics” doesn’t evoke much. But according to three biostatisticians at Tufts, it’s biology’s special sauce,...

Police and health care workers line up to register for the COVID-19 vaccine at a hospital in Mumbai, India. Vaccine nationalism threatens to delay the end of the pandemic.
April 7, 2021 Large Image
Health experts say nearsighted governments threaten the global COVID-19 vaccine rollout

One of the greatest roadblocks the world faces to finally ending the COVID-19 pandemic is vaccine nationalism, where countries rush to secure...

A female baby tapir named Millie was cared for at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.
April 6, 2021 Large Image
When a Baird’s tapir at Franklin Park Zoo gave birth to twins, Cummings Veterinary Medical Center stepped up to provide emergency neonatal care

Late one evening in October 2020, two very unusual patients arrived at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Grafton. A Baird’s tapir named...

Woods with a stream running through it. Curb climate change by not cutting down big trees. Old growth trees store enormous quantities of carbon in their wood, and accumulate more carbon annually.
April 6, 2021 Large Image
Old growth trees, some hundreds of years old, store enormous quantities of carbon in their wood, and accumulate more carbon annually

Protecting forests is an essential strategy in the fight against climate change that has not received the attention it deserves. Trees capture and...