Health & Science

illustration of several heads with busy questioning thought bubbles
September 25, 2018 Large Image
Tufts hosts event October 29 to bring university community together to network and brainstorm on key research focus areas

Given an increasingly difficult funding climate, finding the research strengths of the university and focusing resources on those areas is a...

a highway going through a downtown area with heavy smog
September 20, 2018 Large Image
Invisible particles in the air are responsible for three of the top ten causes of ill health and death worldwide, warns a new book

When we think of health hazards, many things come to mind: bad nutrition, car accidents, addiction to drugs. But one we rarely consider is our...

 a glass microcapillary with the frozen Cryptosporidium oocysts
September 14, 2018 Large Image
Scientists at Tufts devise a method to store the Cryptosporidium parasite, aiding vaccine research efforts

In May, just before one of the hottest summers on record, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a...

Mimi Kao
September 12, 2018 Large Image
Biologist Mimi Kao studies the songs of zebra finches to understand how the brain retains new skills and information

As humans, we learn new things almost constantly. How to swing a golf club. How to speak a foreign language. How to remember the capital of...

a young man teaching a class at a blackboard
September 5, 2018 Large Image
Across the globe and around Tufts’ campuses, these ten students did research, volunteered, interned—and earned some money

It’s called summer vacation, but for most students, summer isn’t a time to just kick back and relax, it’s a time to work. We caught up with ten...