Health & Science

flock of birds flying on a beach
March 15, 2018 Large Image
Tracking the origins of influenza and other infectious diseases in the animals around us

In the early twentieth century, the leading cause of death was infectious...

student presents her research poster to a faculty member
March 14, 2018 Large Image
Student research on display at Bates-Andrews Day runs the gamut from HPV vaccines to sleep apnea appliances

If you stopped to talk with any of the scores of students who packed the fourteenth and fifteenth floors of the School of Dental Medicine during...

Madeleine Oudin at her lab at Tufts
March 12, 2018 Large Image
Madeleine Oudin brings a biologist’s perspective to biomedical engineering to fight cancer metastasis and drug resistance

It’s one of the most critical issues that medicine has yet to crack: how to stop cancers from spreading. As cancers develop, they can metastasize...

Sarah Booth and Jim McGovern in Washington
March 9, 2018 Large Image
Research center directors join forces to make the case for the health impacts of strong science

The directors of three U.S. nutrition research centers went to Capitol Hill March 8 to emphasize the critical role good nutrition plays in good...

March 8, 2018 Large Image
In a first, biologists computationally model the electrical code in the tissue of developing frogs to find treatments that reverse the harmful effects of nicotine

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. (March 8, 2018)  Tufts University biologists have demonstrated for the first time that electrical patterns in the...