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migrants picking produce on a Maryland farm
January 16, 2019 Large Image
A Tufts professor of international law describes how to make U.S. borders more secure without building a wall

The contentious issue of paying to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico has led to a partial federal government shutdown, with President...

a row of red lettuce in a field
January 15, 2019 Large Image
Tufts, Harvard, and BC get $250,000 grant to invest in New England farmers, who will provide food for their dining halls

Tufts, Harvard, and Boston College are coming together to support sustainable regional agriculture by investing in New England farms that can help...

Freeden Blume Oeur at Tufts holding his new book
January 14, 2019 Large Image
Black male academies—charters and public schools—are a growing trend, but are they a good idea? A Tufts professor examines the issue

In a large city on the East Coast, two different approaches to education for young black male students seem to offer distinct choices for the...

migrants at the US-Mexico border
January 9, 2019 Large Image
A Tufts political scientist details the national security costs of the shutdown and how to make our borders secure

With the partial federal government shutdown in its third week, President Donald Trump gave a brief televised address on January 8, arguing for...

Lisa Tanzer
January 9, 2019 Large Image
What does it take to do the right thing—and be successful, too? Life Is Good’s president Lisa Tanzer, J89, explains in a Tufts podcast

Tell Me More is a Tufts University podcast featuring brief...