In the World

Jonathan Epstein carefully holding a bat in Bangladesh
May 30, 2018 Large Image
As an outbreak continues to claim lives in India, a Tufts expert explains the rare and deadly viral disease’s origins and why the world needs to pay attention

A recent outbreak in India of Nipah virus encephalitis, an often-lethal viral disease with...

Richard Goodwin with LBJ and two other White House staffers in early 1966
May 29, 2018 Large Image
Working for JFK and LBJ, Goodwin crafted a legacy in words that defined the values of his times

Richard N. Goodwin, A53, H95, who wrote landmark speeches for John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, died on May 20.  He was eighty-six. Goodwin,...

Eitan Hersh being sworn in along with two others at a U.S. Sentate hearing
May 17, 2018 Large Image
Tufts political scientist Eitan Hersh offers a different take on the controversial firm at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing

In the controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica—the political consulting firm that worked for Donald Trump’s campaign—and Facebook, concerns...

Zviad Adzinbaia
May 15, 2018 Large Image
Wars shaped Zviad Adzinbaia’s early life, so he came to the Fletcher School to better understand how to avert them

The first time, he was only one year old, too small to understand why his family had to flee. Even his parents thought it was just for a few days...

Vladimir Putin walking along a red carpet before his inauguration in May 2018
May 14, 2018 Large Image
A Fletcher School professor tells how Vladimir Putin uses economics to maintain control over Russia

Vladimir Putin’s March election to a fourth term as president means he will remain in power until at least 2024, two and a half decades after he...