In the World

March 7, 2012

BOSTON (March 7, 2012) — Tufts University School of Medicine is launching a Physician Assistant (PA) Program leading to a Master...

Gilbert Metcalf
March 6, 2012 Large Image
Economics professor Gilbert Metcalf focuses on energy and the environment in position at the U.S. Treasury

Gilbert E. Metcalf, known as Gib to friends and colleagues, has traded in his syllabus and class assignments for life in the nation’s capitol, at...

Oni Tongo in a corner grocery
March 2, 2012 Large Image
A Friedman School student is working to bring healthy foods to neighborhoods where little is available

Walk into most any convenience store and you’ll face a colorful array of chips, candy and other calorie-laden snacks. Now imagine, instead,...

Meredith Posner with Sally
February 28, 2012 Large Image
Our relationship began with leukemia, and even though I am in medical school, my only task is to be her friend

The Florida sun was shining brightly through our hotel window, providing a beautiful view of a lake, with Space Mountain in the distance. “I’m sad...

Peniel Joseph
February 26, 2012
Tufts to host conference on Barack Obama March 1–3, and establish Center for the Study of Race and Democracy

Tufts will host a conference on Barack Obama and American Democracy March 1–3, and will establish a...