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feeding a seal
July 11, 2011
Deploying dolphins and seals for top-secret tours of duty

The SEALs may be the Navy’s signature special operations force, but America’s best defenders against underwater attack have flippers, not feet,...

Randy Christensen
June 28, 2011 Large Image
Randy Christensen, M95, has spent the past decade treating homeless children in Phoenix, and has written a book about his often painful experiences

Back when he was a medical student, pediatrician Randy Christensen, M95, used to pass through Harvard Square and see the Bridge Over Troubled...

June 28, 2011 Large Image
Tufts researchers instrumental in developing vaccine that wiped out cattle plague

GRAFTON, Mass. — Joining in today’s United Nations celebration of the world’s second eradicated disease are three...

Lisa Gross and the Boston Tree Party
June 27, 2011 Large Image
In a marriage of public art and urban agriculture, Lisa Gross, G11, and her Boston Tree Party cultivate an orchard in the city

Lisa Gross stood along the Rose Kennedy Greenway in downtown Boston this spring and gave a speech to a gathered crowd, complete with musicians to...

June 20, 2011 Large Image
A business expert at the Fletcher School suggests some answers to the toughest question in this recession

After falling slowly for several months, the U.S. unemployment rate ticked back up over 9 percent in May. Only 54,000 new jobs were created last...