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TV show cowboys in a photo from the 1960s
January 11, 2018 Large Image
A clinical psychiatrist connects sexual and gun violence with media archetypes

If you feel as if there’s been an uptick in the frequency and lethality of mass shootings in recent years,...

workers at Andela in Nairobi office
January 9, 2018 Large Image
Fletcher alumna Christina Sass co-founded a startup that develops tech talent in Africa

Mbithe Nzomo loves computer programming. The twenty-four-year-old Nairobi native studied the subject in college while designing mobile apps for a...

January 8, 2018 Large Image
Tufts researchers find aggressive Paris Agreement goals will help alleviate sea-level rise, a devastating consequence of global warming

The Paris Agreement from 2015 has a goal to hold the increase...

illustration of man on a compass
January 2, 2018 Large Image
In Afghanistan, I reported on the costs of war—and learned from the Green Berets about how to live

True stories of combat defy retelling. So I won’t tell you a war story here. But I will relate one conversation I had in Afghanistan early in the...

December 22, 2017
Wechsler had a long medical career as a surgeon in New Jersey

Harold “Hal” Wechsler, A53, J91P, died peacefully on February 8 at the age of eighty-five. Wechsler was born July 30, 1931, in New York. Raised in...