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June 20, 2011 Large Image
A business expert at the Fletcher School suggests some answers to the toughest question in this recession

After falling slowly for several months, the U.S. unemployment rate ticked back up over 9 percent in May. Only 54,000 new jobs were created last...

Amanda Beal and Ellen Tyler
June 14, 2011 Large Image
Small Farms, Big Issues: Why the farmers and the fishermen should be friends

What do farmers and fishermen dream about? A bumper crop of zucchini and calm seas? Perhaps. But both lose sleep over some of the same things:...

Jennifer Logan and Cathedral High basketball players
June 7, 2011 Large Image
When Tufts doctors and students take athletes at a Boston high school under their wing, everybody wins

The football player lay face down on the turf, not moving. Spectators in the stadium held their collective breath, the way they always do at such...

June 2, 2011


MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. – International leaders in the study and practice of humanitarian aid work are meeting at Tufts...

Tufts vets at work
June 1, 2011 Large Image
Volunteers are improving cats’ lot, one animal at a time, with help from a Cummings School clinic

Karen Powers was once blissfully unaware of the staggering number of feral cats roaming the United States—up to 50 million, according to one...