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Temba Mudenda
May 11, 2011 Large Image
Temba Mudenda, D71, a pioneer in Zambian health care, comes back to Boston for his 40th reunion

Forty years ago, Temba Mudenda, D71, graduated from Tufts School of Dental Medicine and embarked on a career his American...

Middle school and high school participants in the Girls Values Program
May 9, 2011 Large Image
Tufts medical students help Asian-American teens navigate the challenges of adolescence

When she was a first-year medical student in 2006, Wilma Chan was shadowing a nurse practitioner at a clinic at Tufts Medical Center in Boston’s...

gas pump
May 4, 2011 Large Image
An oil industry expert at the Fletcher School says there’s more to it than you think

Gas prices have reached almost $4 per gallon and may continue to climb. Vacations have been canceled; experts are suggesting it might slow the...

Osama bin Laden hideout
May 3, 2011 Large Image
Eliminating Osama bin Laden won’t stop the terrorism he inspired, says national security expert at Fletcher

The death of Osama bin Laden in a firefight in Pakistan on May 1 was the culmination of a nearly 10-year hunt for the man known as the architect...

Evans Clinchy
April 27, 2011 Video
Evans Clinchy is scoring big as a top-ranked Scrabble player in the U.S.

Like the Boston Celtics, the team he covers for the New England Sports Network website, Evans Clinchy, A09, has a drive to win. But instead of...