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Michael Klein
April 11, 2011 Large Image
The Fletcher School’s Michael Klein brings his expertise to the highest levels in Washington

The view from Michael Klein’s office window is a bit different from his usual one at the Fletcher School, where he’s a professor of international...

April 5, 2011 Large Image
A Tufts professor and her students investigate a music program that’s transforming lives

The 12 teens quickly settled themselves on stage at Cohen Auditorium and launched into a series of jazz tunes: eyes closed at times and fingers...

March 25, 2011 Large Image
Bird treated for wound to foot; release planned for Monday Morning

North Grafton, MA - Clinicians at Tufts Wildlife Clinic, together with officials from the State of Connecticut’s Department of...

Peter Walker
March 23, 2011 Large Image
As Japan struggles to respond to the devastation, it has experience on its side, says disaster relief expert Peter Walker

The catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan earlier this month is presenting overwhelming challenges for relief agencies. But disasters...

Voting during the referendum
March 22, 2011 Large Image
As seen in Eritrea, the author’s homeland, the path to true independence is long and difficult, yet rewarding

Following a U.N.-sponsored independence referendum in January, South Sudan is emerging as the newest country in Africa, a distinction that was for...