In the World

Frank Sobchak standing near the Fletcher School at Tufts
March 26, 2019 Large Image
A new Army analysis, co-authored by a Fletcher student, details U.S. military and political mistakes

Iran was the only real winner in the Iraq War, according to a new study of the conflict, which concludes that U.S. efforts were hampered by...

illustration with cannabis leaf and symbols for justice, communication, medicine, and law, among others
March 21, 2019 Large Image
March 29 interdisciplinary event involves issues related to health, science, criminal justice, entrepreneurship, and regulation

From billboards to town meetings to front page articles in newspapers, cannabis is having a moment. Ever since its legalization in Massachusetts...

Bernard Fraga speaking to an audience at Tufts
March 20, 2019 Large Image
Bernard Fraga talks in a Tufts podcast about the complex causes of the election turnout gap between minority and white voters

Tell Me More is a Tufts University podcast featuring brief...

boys filling water containers in Dhaka, Bangladesh
March 14, 2019 Large Image
Tufts researchers are testing bacteriophages—viruses that kill the cholera bacteria—as a way to halt the spread of the deadly disease

Cholera strikes almost 3 million people each year worldwide, causing 95,000 deaths. An acute diarrheal infection, it’s prevalent in regions with...

Jeff Flake speaking at Tufts
March 13, 2019 Large Image
Jeff Flake, former Republican senator from Arizona, tells a Tufts audience that voters need to value politicians who govern on their principles

The divisive politics that’s so prevalent in the country isn’t going away any time soon, Jeff Flake told a Tufts audience on March 12. Flake, a...