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long view of Boston Harbor and downtown Boston on a sunny day
June 1, 2018 Large Image
Researchers dive into the historical record to recreate a 200-year sea-level history—and predict increased flooding in the 2030s

In 1825, a local engineer named Loammi Baldwin, Jr., was commissioned by federal government to build a dry dock at Charlestown Navy Yard. Baldwin...

Mike Pompeo shakes hands with Kim Jong-Un in North Korea
May 31, 2018 Large Image
As the president prepares for his on-again-off-again summit with North Korea‘s leader, Fletcher’s Sung-Yoon Lee examines the possible risks and rewards

President Trump abruptly canceled a high-stakes summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un last week, but it appears the meeting may still move...

chart of activity over a 24-hour period of rural Ghanian workers
May 30, 2018 Large Image
Using cellphones and accelerometers to track food intake and energy expenditure in rural areas of developing countries

Measuring whether people in developing countries have enough nutritious food to eat is vital work. It warns policymakers when people are running...

Jonathan Epstein carefully holding a bat in Bangladesh
May 30, 2018 Large Image
As an outbreak continues to claim lives in India, a Tufts expert explains the rare and deadly viral disease’s origins and why the world needs to pay attention

A recent outbreak in India of Nipah virus encephalitis, an often-lethal viral disease with...

Richard Goodwin with LBJ and two other White House staffers in early 1966
May 29, 2018 Large Image
Working for JFK and LBJ, Goodwin crafted a legacy in words that defined the values of his times

Richard N. Goodwin, A53, H95, who wrote landmark speeches for John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, died on May 20.  He was eighty-six. Goodwin,...