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a merged flag of Lebanon and a rainbow flag
June 3, 2019 Large Image
Fletcher graduate Tarek Zeidan revives a groundbreaking gay rights organization in his native Lebanon

Growing up gay in Beirut, Tarek Zeidan, F09, felt alone. But in his late teens he discovered ...

Charles Scott and his daughter pose beside their bikes
May 31, 2019 Large Image
Fletcher alum Charles Scott—a professional adventurer—shares his favorites for bike touring

Professional adventurer Charles Scott, F94, has cycled more than 7,000 miles with his two children across Japan, Iceland, Europe, and the United...

Nicholas Kristof at Tufts
May 29, 2019 Large Image
Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Nicholas Kristof talks in a Tufts podcast about how we’ve long been wrong on immigration

Tell Me More is a Tufts University podcast featuring brief conversations...

an orangutan with arms crossed, staring ahead
May 21, 2019 Large Image
With up to one million species on the brink of disappearing in the coming decades, what can we do?

A recent landmark United Nations report delivered an alarming assessment of the fate of animal life and biodiversity on Earth. According to the...

a U.S. flag with a long series of cracks in it
May 8, 2019 Large Image
Demographic shifts can tear countries apart as once-dominant majorities lose power. Just look at the USSR—and us

What happens to a country when its core national identity—its preferred image of itself in terms of race or religion—doesn’t match its demographic...