In the World

July 3, 2018
Americans are not as divided or conservative on immigration as commonly portrayed, says a Tufts professor

Lawmakers in Washington, from the president down to first-term members of Congress, may be misjudging how the public feels about immigration....

Tisch College
June 28, 2018 Large Image
$100K grant from Cummings Foundation promotes dialogue across differences, encourages civic engagement at Tufts University and beyond

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. (June 28, 2018)—At a time of debate about free speech and expression on college campuses, the Institute for Democracy...

cargo containers with the flags of the U.S. and China stacked up for shipment
June 28, 2018 Large Image
Trump’s tariffs and other protectionist measures will likely hurt American businesses and consumers, says Tufts professor

Trade tensions between the United States and the rest of the world are escalating, as President Trump promotes tariffs that he says will protect...

an urban garden in New Bedford, Massachusetts
June 18, 2018 Large Image
Reusing abandoned properties can transform those spaces—and whole cities, says Tufts professor

We’ve all seen the photos of Detroit when it was at its lowest point after the 2008 recession: street after street of vacant lots and abandoned...

an oil rig being towed to sea
June 11, 2018 Large Image
OPEC and Russia say they are trying to boost oil prices by lowering production, but the real reasons for the current price increase lie elsewhere

It’s hard not to notice rising gas prices as we head to the pumps—and they have indeed been climbing. A year ago, a gallon cost about $2.40; now...