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Seven women in outline on a purple background
March 18, 2021 Large Image
Women share stories of those who inspired them—and challenges still facing women today

In honor of Women’s History Month, Tufts Now reached out to members of the Tufts...

A line of four police cars with their lights on drive down a city street
March 15, 2021 Large Image
While community residents express some satisfaction, they see inequalities and opportunity for change according to survey by Tufts professor and students

Residents of Medford and Somerville, Massachusetts are somewhat satisfied with policing in their communities—although satisfaction is lower among...

One of few Black women on campus at the time, Inez Smith Reid, J59, competed with two Tufts debate teams and served on the Jackson College Judiciary Council. Yearbook photos: Digital Collection and Archives. Illustration: Momo Shinzawa
March 15, 2021 Large Image
Despite obstacles, Tufts alumna Inez Smith Reid translated her love of debate and passion for justice into a trailblazing career

In her many roles—college professor, lawyer, activist, author, and federal judge—Inez Smith Reid, J59, has championed racial and gender justice....

The Great Wall of China. The EPIIC Symposium brings experts together to discuss topics ranging from politics to technology in China
March 11, 2021 Large Image
The EPIIC Symposium brings experts together to discuss topics ranging from politics to technology

In recent years, China has taken on an outsized role in international economics and politics. As its economy expands, the world’s most populous...

Anna May Duryea, Abigail Linnington’s great-grandmother, is pictured seated second from right in this 1910 photo of her graduating class from the Metropolitan Hospital Training School (for nurses).
March 10, 2021 Video
Abigail Linnington feels grateful to have had many paths of encouragement during her 25-year military career—and now as a Tufts faculty member

This is an installment in our Women’s History Month 2021 series.

When Abigail...