In the World

a student with her host family in Urubamba, Peru
March 5, 2019 Large Image
With the Tufts Civic Semester, incoming undergraduates spend their first fall semester abroad

Almost five years ago, Tufts launched its 1+4 Bridge Year program, in which...

painting of two rafts of migrants meeting in the ocean
February 26, 2019 Large Image
From refugees and human trafficking to sovereignty and security, immigration is the topic of the EPIIC Symposium March 7-9 at Tufts

Immigration has been at the forefront of the news for years now—from the refugees streaming into Europe to the political divide in the United...

Timothy Wise at a farm in Malawi
February 25, 2019 Large Image
Put the focus on small-scale farmers using eco-friendly agriculture, argues a new book by a Tufts researcher

As the population in developing countries grows, the need for increased agricultural productivity there becomes more urgent. The standard answer...

smoke stacks at a factory
February 21, 2019 Large Image
We can pay for pollution now or later, argues a Tufts economist—and the price is lower now

Every time we fill our gas tank, fire up the furnace, ride in an airplane, or use electricity generated by oil, coal, or natural gas, we are...

a hand-built brick wall in Medford
February 20, 2019 Large Image
An interactive map project that highlights African American historical sites brings together decades of research

Boston has long had a Freedom Trail, marking the spots of historically significant sites, but Tufts history professor Gerald R. Gill had another...