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Rana Plaza building collapse on April 24, 2013
April 23, 2018 Large Image
Five years after the deadliest garment-factory accident in history, worker protections are still shaky

Five years ago, a five-story building in Bangladesh collapsed, killing more than 1,100 garment workers who had been ordered to enter despite...

food trucks in Atlanta serve customers
April 19, 2018 Large Image
A new book examines how the vendors reflect complex food systems and issues such as class and poverty

Food trucks are increasingly popular across the country—for proof look no further than the fact the Food Network’s competition show The Great...

President Anthony P. Monaco
April 18, 2018 Large Image

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. (April 18, 2018)—Anthony P. Monaco, president of Tufts University and a distinguished geneticist, has been elected to...

Brent Mullen and Keith Nguyen at the 2018 Tough Ruck march
April 11, 2018 Large Image
A large Tufts dental school team will trek 26.2 miles in the Tough Ruck, a fundraiser for veterans

It’s a chilly Monday morning and David Leader, D85, MPH13, is walking the circumference of Lake Quannapowitt with a thirty-five pound pack on his...

Katy Tur at Tufts
April 11, 2018 Large Image
NBC correspondent Katy Tur tells a Tufts audience how she covered the campaign by staying tough and dispassionate

Despite having two L.A. journalists as parents, NBC News correspondent and MSNBC Live anchor Katy Tur didn’t aspire to become a reporter...