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U.S. Capitol building
July 9, 2018 Large Image
Why do Republican voters disapprove of compromise more than Democrats?

At a time when political division is heightened and the...

young girls build structures with marshmallows and toothpicks
July 5, 2018 Large Image
Tufts alum volunteers to bring technology and engineering education to Syrian refugee children in Jordan

The project seemed simple—create structures out of marshmallows and toothpicks, then test their stability on an earthquake simulator fashioned...

Ruth Davis in the forest in Tanzania with a chimpanzee in 1969
July 3, 2018 Large Image
Primate researcher Ruth Davis’s death under mysterious circumstances in 1969 is the focus of a new book

On July 12, 1969, a young American researcher named Ruth Davis followed a chimpanzee away from primatologist Jane Goodall’s research station in...

July 3, 2018
Americans are not as divided or conservative on immigration as commonly portrayed, says a Tufts professor

Lawmakers in Washington, from the president down to first-term members of Congress, may be misjudging how the public feels about immigration....

Tisch College
June 28, 2018 Large Image
$100K grant from Cummings Foundation promotes dialogue across differences, encourages civic engagement at Tufts University and beyond

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. (June 28, 2018)—At a time of debate about free speech and expression on college campuses, the Institute for Democracy...