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Targeted gene editing
March 2, 2021
Gene editing delivery method in mice suggests possible one shot treatment of high cholesterol


The image depicts a horizontal bar graph showing the proportion of COVID-19 hospitalizations among adults that may be attributable to obesity (30.2% orange), diabetes (20.5, blue), hypertension (26.2%, light blue), and heart failure (11.7%, yellow). A fifth bar depicts hospitalizations among adults attributable to the four conditions jointly (63.5%, red).
February 25, 2021
Model suggests higher risk based on race and age, offers insights to reduce disease impact

A modeling study suggests a majority of adult COVID-19 hospitalizations...

A calculator and a pen sit on top of a page of mathematic calculations
February 17, 2021
Center for State Policy Analysis at Tufts University’s Tisch College assesses the urgent and long-term challenges of state’s unemployment insurance funding

A report released today by the Center for State Policy Analysis (cSPA) at Tufts University’s Tisch College describes a range of evidence-based...

The Tufts sign on Curtis Street in Somerville, Massachusetts stands amid a backdrop of snow.
February 1, 2021

Tufts University is now accepting applications from local non-profit organizations in its four host communities of...

Motion sensor string under normal and strain conditions (SEM)
January 29, 2021
Engineers created thread sensors that can be attached to skin to measure movement in real time, with potential implications for tracking health and performance

Engineers at Tufts University have created and demonstrated flexible thread-based sensors that can measure movement of the neck, providing data on...

Chlorine treatment at the point of collection
January 20, 2021
Engineers invent device that requires no electricity or moving parts, lets users collect water as they usually do

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE (January 14, 2021) – ...