People Notes April 2011

Patricia Allen, G12, a graduate student in psychology, received the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools’ award for most outstanding master’s thesis.

Meredith Billings, a senior research analyst in the Office of Institutional Research, and Dawn Geronimo Terkla, associate provost for institutional research, assessment and evaluation, received the Best Paper Award at the 2010 North East Association for Institutional Research conference, held in Saratoga Springs, for their paper “Using SEM to Describe the Infusion of Civic Engagement in the Campus Culture.” The Best Paper Award was instituted in 1988 to recognize contributions to scholarly research and writing among professionals who contribute and present papers at the annual NEAIR conference.

Bob Bridges, a professor of biomedical sciences at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, is serving as a special guest editor for the Journal of Neuroendocrinology, processing manuscripts submitted in association with the 2010 Parental Brain Conference held in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Joseph DeBold, a professor of psychology in the School of Arts and Sciences, has been named the 2011 recipient of Tufts’ Lillian and Joseph Leibner Award for Distinguished Teaching and Advising. The prize will be presented at the Arts, Sciences and Engineering faculty meeting on May 18. Recipients are nominated by faculty colleagues and students.

Julie Ellis, a research assistant professor of environmental and population health and director of the SEANET program at the Cummings School, was invited to give a presentation on “Establishment of a Northeast Wildlife Disease Cooperative” on February 17 at the Northeast Region Biologists Conference in Baltimore, Md.

Kevin P. Gallagher, a senior researcher at the Global Development and Environment Institute, presented a paper, “Regaining Control: Capital Controls, Currency Wars and the Global Financial Crisis,” at Boston University’s Center for Finance, Law and Policy on March 12.

Ximena Gomez, G12, a graduate student in art history, received an award for best master’s paper at the Texas A&M Graduate History Conference. Her paper is titled “Santiago in Siena: A Transatlantic Approach.”

Jonathan Harris, a senior research associate at the Global Development and Environment Institute, will present his paper “The Macroeconomics of Development without Throughput Growth” at a workshop sponsored by the Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative on Socio-technical Transitions, Social Practices and the New Economics: Meeting the Challenges of a Constrained World. It is slated to take place April 14 to 16 in Princeton, N.J.

Misha Kilmer, a professor of mathematics in the School of Arts and Sciences, will serve as the special advisor to the provost and president on academic appointments, beginning July 1. Kilmer, who will step down this spring as the chair of the Arts, Sciences and Engineering Tenure and Promotion Committee, will advise the provost and senior vice president ad interim and the president on faculty appointments, including tenure and promotion decisions on all three campuses, during this short-term appointment.

Fannie T. Koa is the new part-time communications and outreach specialist in the Office of Sustainability. Previously she was a senior marketing associate at New Boston Fund.

Krishna Kumar, a professor of chemistry in the School of Arts and Sciences, has been recognized for excellence in chemical sciences by the Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists (ISCB). The ISCB makes three annual awards to acknowledge distinguished work in the chemical sciences, biological sciences and drug research. Kumar’s research uses both chemistry and biology to understand and/or control biological processes.

Monica White Ndounou, an assistant professor of drama in the School of Arts and Sciences, moderated a panel titled “Ritual and Performance: Carnival and Cultural Transmission” at the Black Theatre Network Conference last summer in Los Angeles.

Julie Nelson, a senior research fellow at the Global Development and Environment Institute, traveled to St. Louis, Mo., in March to present a paper on “Gender and the Economics of Care” at a special session of the Midwest Economics Association in honor of the American feminist economist Marianne Ferber.

Peggy Newell, the university’s vice provost, will assume responsibility as provost and senior vice president ad interim on July 1, following Provost and Senior Vice President Jamshed Bharucha’s departure to assume the presidency of Cooper Union.

Karen Panetta, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the Simulation Research Laboratory at Tufts School of Engineering, will be honored with an Anita Borg Women of Vision Award for her accomplishments and contributions as a woman in technology. The awards, given by the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, will be presented at a ceremony in Santa Clara, Calif., on May 19. The Women of Vision Awards honor women making significant contributions to technology in three categories: innovation, leadership and social impact. Panetta and two other winners were selected from a field of highly qualified women, all of whom are engaged in technology professions in industry, academia nonprofits or government. Candidates for the awards are considered based on their records of consistent, significant contributions to technology invention and application; impact on the ways in which technology shapes society; and demonstrated leadership in the technology industry that extends beyond their place of work.

Mark Pokras, V84, associate professor of environmental and population health at the Cummings School, was an invited plenary speaker at the 2011 winter conference of the Montana chapter of the Wildlife Society in Missoula in February. His topic was “Lead, Health and the Environment: Getting the Stakeholders Working Together.”

Elizabeth Rozanski has been promoted to associate professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences at the Cummings School.

Sharan L. Schwartzberg, professor of occupational therapy and adjunct professor of psychiatry, attended the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) annual meeting in March in New York City. As board member, she attended the AGPA board of directors meeting and co-led the AGPA Special Interest Group Task Force that represents the concerns of 15 interest groups. She was an instructor in the association’s institute, leading a two-day process group for therapists with five to nine years of experience. A highlight of the meeting was co-presenting a scientific paper at the research open session with her occupational therapy graduate students, all G12: Annie Gulka, Stephanie Pincince, Svea Van Langenhoven and Jiselle Velazquez. Their paper, “The Effect of Group Dosage on the Functional Outcomes of Psychiatric Inpatients,” was based on a study conducted at Tufts Medical Center and was supported by an award from the AS&E Faculty Research Awards Committee. The students’ participation in the meeting was made possible by a student travel grant offered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Charles Shoemaker, a professor of biomedical sciences at the Cummings School, participated in a steering committee review of the New England Regional Center of Excellence (NERCE) for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases at Harvard Medical School on February 8. He gave a presentation on his NERCE-funded project titled “Targeted Binding Agents as Improved Antitoxin Therapeutics.” Saul Tzipori, professor of microbiology and infectious diseases and the Agnes Varis University Chair in Science and Society, and co-principal investigator on the project, participated in the meeting as a member of the steering committee.

Patrick Skelly, an associate professor of biomedical sciences at the Cummings School, presented the paper “Functional Characterization of the Schistosome Surface” as part of the winter seminar series at the Institute of Parasitology at McGill University in Montreal in late February.

Courtney Spieler has joined the Office of the Provost in Ballou Hall as a staff assistant. She works primarily with the secretary of the faculty for Arts, Sciences and Engineering to provide support to faculty, staff and administrators within AS&E. She comes to Tufts from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where she had been an administrative assistant in the cutaneous oncology unit since 2007.

Daniel G. Steinberg, an assistant clinical professor at the School of Medicine, received the Regional, State & Local Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Societies’ (RSLAAIS) Leadership Award from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology during its 2011 annual meeting in San Francisco. He was chosen in recognition of service to the regional, state and national allergy/immunology communities as a leader, mentor, advocate and educator. Steinberg has a strong interest in asthma management and the impact of environment and infectious diseases on public health. He has been involved in several regional and national initiatives advocating for patients with allergic, respiratory and immune disorders. In 2007, he was elected vice chair of RSLAAIS by the federation’s board of governors and served as RSLAAIS chairman from 2009 to 2011.

Timothy A. Wise, deputy director of the Global Development and Environment Institute, is mentioned in Tom Philpott’s Grist blog about a policy brief on implicit subsidies to industrial users of corn and soybeans. He also was quoted in the InterAmerican Dialogue’s Latin American Advisor newsletter as an invited respondent in a featured Q&A on “Will public-private partnerships aid agribusiness in the region?”

Gordon Wood, A55, H10, received the National Humanities Medal from President Barack Obama at a White House ceremony in early March. The medal honors achievements in history, literature, education and cultural policy. Wood received the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for History for his book The Radicalism of the American Revolution. The Alva O. Way University Professor and Professor of History Emeritus at Brown University, Wood received an honorary doctor of letters degree from Tufts in 2010. He is a trustee emeritus of Tufts.

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