3Ps Presents Eurydice

A behind-the-scenes look at 3Ps "Eurydice." Photos by Nicholas Pfosi


3Ps presented its fall major production, “Eurydice” by Sarah Ruhl the week of Nov. 10. In this contemporary rendition of Greek mythology, the plot is centered on Eurydice’s struggle between remaining in the Underworld with her deceased father, a character Ruhl invented, or returning to the land of the living to be with Orpheus, her husband. 

This powerful production allowed for magnificent stage design, which is a particular highlight of the show. A fully functioning fountain, river and pool were built onto the Balch Arena Theater stage, and the cast of seven undergraduates interacted with them throughout the performance. 

Director Cole von Glahn, A14, a drama and sociology double major, describes his choice to direct “Eurydice” as an act to celebrate prominent contemporary female playwrights, something 3Ps hasn’t chosen to do in several years.